Training Info

Computer training specifically tailored to the needs of a law office in Microsoft Office Suite programs, Corel WordPerfect Suite programs, Add-ins, and Document Management Programs. 

Classroom Training is provided at your location for hands on instruction.  All that is necessary is a room with computers and an overhead. Classes are customized to meet your programs and training needs. 

Floor Support is deskside followup to training.  Benefits include computer customization, troubleshooting and instruction on special needs.

Trouble Shooting and One on One Training is provided at your desk to answer your specific questions or solve your problems. One other person may sit at your desk for this kind of customized training.

Webinars are internet seminars that allow you to watch the facilitator's computer screen and ask the facilitator questions during instruction.  They are great to get a lot of information is a short amount of time and can be arranged around your busy schedule.  Contact BonnieTraining to schedule a time and date for your Webinar. Click to see a list of Webinars.

Lunch and Learns are seminars that cover large amounts of information while the participants watch the overhead at your office.  Usually they are one to two hours long including a question and answer session.  Lunch and Learns can cover the topic you specify or check Webinars for a list of great Lunch and Learn topics.

Training Guides are available for students use as handouts in the classroom and for follow up notes. The electronic copy becomes the property of your firm.  Many firms then customize the guides as part of their procedure manuals. Click Training Guides to see a list of available topics.

Training Videos can be created for your specific needs.  Custom made videos enable your employees to watch anytime they can access the video.  They are great for seldom used tasks such as Tables of Authorities or new hire training for your computer system and document management system.  Contact BonnieTraining to discuss a plan of action to create your own custom made videos.


 Classroom Training, Lunch and Learns or Webinars  $100 per hour
 Floor Support, Trouble Shooting, One-on-One Training and Video creation  $75 per hour
Out of Town Daily Rate (More than 100 miles from New Orleans) $800 per day 
Minimum Out of Town Charge (more than 75 miles from New Orleans) $400 per 1/2 day 

 Additional Travel Charges include Transportation and Lodging

$50 per diem
$75 per hour travel 1 way 

Contact BonnieTraining for More Information or to Schedule Training.